Beautifully refined imagery for professionals at the top of their game and rising.

Say what!?

I’m a Program Manager at Google, and Brian did a great job with my headshots. It was easy and fun, and he was great at asking questions..

I’m using them all over the place…including my upcoming SXSW promotion.


Jane Makich
Jane Makich
Google - Program Manager

“Brian is professional, efficient and capable of creating the right setting.

He has a wonderful way of putting people at ease and his images are technically superb.

Brian is creative and a lot of fun to work with.

Julie Currie
Julie Currie
Sony Playstation - VP of HR

“Brian was professional, prepared and gave me great guidance.

I loved working with Brian and would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a memorable and professional headshot!”

Lesley Grossblatt
Lesley Grossblatt
theBoardlist - COO & VP

Do not hesitate:

this is the portrait artist you want!

Andrew Strain
Andrew Strain
Tamalpais Brass

“I went to Brian because… he has all these gorgeous photos of people with various skin tones and freckles.

Me being brown and freckled, it was an immediate match for who I wanted to take my next headshot.”

Tanisha Avila
Tanisha Avila
Avila Realtor

Brian is super professional, responsive, and warm; I can’t recommend him enough.

He has a terrific eye for shooting, and as for retouching/processing, his portfolio clearly speaks for itself.

I was immediately drawn to his work, which manages to combine a very cool, signature almost painterly look with relaxed, natural poses and expressions.

Michelle Jae Soon Yu
Michelle Jae Soon Yu

My promise

Jump on board with me and I promise to give you an experience worth talking about.  Maybe I will have to drag you kicking and screaming, but you’re going to have fun. 

I promise to get you more attention and more ‘likes.’  I promise to give you something professional and memorable and I promise to help you stand out.

I am so confident in my ability to work with every personality, background, age, color, shape, size and style that if you less than love your experience working with me,  I will refund your money.  No questions asked. 

In other words,  I got you!

We got heart and genuinely love working with like-minded professionals to create unique images and experiences that expand what’s possible.