Shoot Prep: The Basics


The key to ensuring our shoot is simple and easy for you is: prep! Photo shoots move quickly. Brian is an expert at coaching “behind the camera” and will capture you at your best. Before then, here’s your homework:

First, plan your wardrobe. Ahead of your shoot day, think about what your final image is for (business website, brochure, magazine, other online social space) and pick an outfit(s) that clicks. Everything should be pieces you feel comfortable in and good about wearing.

Pro Tip: Neutral color palettes tend to translate best. If your shoot is more creative/artsy, choose a color that pops and works well with your eyes, hair and skin. Avoid busy patterns (unless that’s your personal brand).

24hrs before shoot day, prepare & pack:

  • minimum (+2) outfits,
  • a range of accessories*,
  • and any grooming products you may need.

*Accessories includes LAYERS, jackets, scarves, blazers, etc, because options. Note: headshots are typically from the waist up, so don’t worry if your pants don’t match.

2nd Pro Tip: drink hella water. Your skin will thank you!

On shoot day, show up groomed with your supplies and any clothing options, then relax, the rest is fun! I keep safety pins for last minute adjustments – I’ll let you know what looks best “in camera.”

During the shoot, I will capture a spectrum of vibes, expressions, poses, and ultimately you will decide which shot works best at expressing your personality / brand.

*Still have butterflies? Watch this video.

Remember: We’re in this together, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.

We got you!