Yes this is homework.

(Trust us, it’s worth it.)


(Mega official)

Shoot Prep Guide!


Ahead of the session, think about what the final image will be used for and bring clothing that is appropriate for that. (i.e. professional vs playful vs hybrid vs spacesuit)


When you arrive we’ll discuss your outfit, any possible accessories and will advise about what will look best “in camera.”  All pieces should be things you are comfortable in and feel good wearing. If it’s not a perfect fit, don’t worry; we can pin or secure things to appear like it is.

Remember that we will only be shooting 1/3 length images (which is chest up)  so don’t worry if your shirt matches your pants etc.



Be sure to bring…


  • A few different clothing options as you never know how things will translate in camera. We will discuss your options once you arrive and we will likely have you try on a few different things.  Bringing too many options is far better than not enough and we will gladly help you make the final decision.
  • We recommend choosing either more neutral toned clothing and/or choosing a color palate that is complimentary.  For more artistic and creative feel, consider having at least one color that stands out and that maybe works with your skin tone, hair or eye color. Avoid busy patterns unless your personal brand is all about that. Remember this image is about you – not the clothing.
  • Layers are essential.  More often than not, a layer can really round out the image.  A jacket, blazer, scarf, etc is recommended. If you are unsure if it will work, let’s talk it out.

  • If you wear jewelry, bring extra for more versatility and options. We will help you decide what works best for the style we shoot in.
  • Bring any extra hair and makeup supplies you might need as well as chapstick/lip gloss.  We often need to do quick tweaks along the way.
  • Please come well groomed and bring any necessary grooming supplies.


The shoot will move quickly and Brian is a master at finding and coaching people into their most flattering angles. Leave all of that to him.  All you have to do is listen, be open and play along.  Believe it or not, the sessions are actually really fun.
If it’s your lucky day, Brian might crack one of his award winning “dad jokes.”  These absolutely amazing 😜 jokes  will help keep your mind off of the camera and will lead to the most natural smiles and expressions.    
By the end of your session, Brian will have captured a spectrum of vibes, from “Serious Bad-Ass” to “Loose and Fun” and everything in between. 
Ultimately you will be able to decide which shot works best to express your personality or brand.

Extra Credit:

Going for Style Points?

SQUINCHING is one of our favorite techniques.   “Squinching” essentially shows you how to look cooler and more approachable in a portrait. This one technique has literally elevated almost every single portrait session I’ve ever done.
We certainly won’t be doing this for every shot, but it works well for most people so please practice it in a mirror.  It’s always fun to bust out during a shoot if we need it.
We recommend turning your speakers down just a hair. (He likes to yell)



 Still have butterflies?

We’re in this together so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.