its Brian

Whatup?!  I’m Brian but all the cool kids call me B.  Pronounced |bē|  like the letter that it is.

What exactly do I do?  I create high-end business imagery (headshots) for companies, creatives, artists and corporations who choose quality over quantity and who have an eye for refinement.

If you are a fan of natural, audacious, energetic, refined and well thought out imagery, than my work might be for you.

I also type the way I talk and yes I greet people with “whatup” sometimes.  Unless I am in an office or maybe at a church, or meeting someones parents for the first time 😅.

My promise

Workwith me and I promise to give you an experience worth talking about.  Maybe I will have to drag you kicking and screaming, but you’re going to have fun.

By the end, I promise to get you more attention and more ‘likes.’  I promise to give you something professional and memorable and I promise to help you stand out.

I am so confident in my ability to work with every personality, background, age, color, sex, shape, size and style that if you less than love your experience working with me,  I will refund your money.  No questions asked. 

In other words,  I got you!

I got hella skills but here are the ones that are most useful for you to know. 

people skills
Dad Joke Quality
Making coffee