I got heart and genuinely love working with like-minded professionals to create unique images and experiences that expand what’s possible.


Whatup?!  I’m Brian but all the cool kids call me B – Pronounced || – Like the letter.

I type the way I talk and yes I greet people with “whatup.”  Unless I am in an office or a church for some reason, or meeting someones parents for the first time 😅.   Anyway, thanks for coming by.

What exactly do I do?  I create high-end business imagery (headshots) for companies, creatives, artists and corporations who choose quality and brilliance above anything else. Image is important. Are you choosing to stand out does your picture look like every other persons….lsdlfljgd

Most of my clients are already leading in their respective industries and they understand the incredible value in presenting themselves in a quality/standout manner. 

Simply put. Cheap images make your brand look cheap. 

Yes I’m professional. Yes I have a reputation (ask around) – but lets have fun with this! I take what I do very serious but lets be honest, It’ s just pictures.  Choose to work with the best and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

I promise to keep things light and fun. Plus my studio’s nickname is the Ski Lodge.  You gotta come see it.  🤓

Heres how this all goes down. 

(phase 1)

    1. Scour my website to make sure that you love my work and that I am the right photographer for you.
  • 2. Fill out the booking form, choose your shoot date and pay the $100 deposit. 

  • 3. Recieve an email from me to confirm date/time. You will also recieve a link to the infamous shoot prep guide!  

  • 4. Study said shoot prep guide (there will be a test), plan your outfits and ask lot’s of questions.  

  • 5. Come to the studio and hang out with me for a little bit.  Drink some LaCroix, crack some jokes, avoid political discussion and definitely take some pictures!

  • 6. Realize that you have always been a rockstar in front of the camera.

  • More steps to greatness. Coming Soon!

    (pretty great so far though, yea?

cheap images make your brand look cheap. stop with that. 


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